🔥 Supercharge your Elementor Page Builder with Highly customizable Essential Classy Addons For Elementor to build websites in less time with no coding required. Both Elementor and Essential Classy Addons For Elementor plugins take your WordPress website to the next level.

Great Support and Helpful Community​

Interactive, Stunning, & Customizable Design

100+ Crafted Widgets

Essential Classy Addons For Elementor are designed with high coding standards and a modular architecture to make your websites light and quick.

5+ Dynamic Fields

You can get ACF, CFS, JetEngine, Metabox, PODs, Toolset and WCK in Elementor Editor.

Exclusive and Powerful

Additionaly, You can use Link, Glassmorphism, Display Condition, Box Shadow, Text Shadow, Drop Shadow and Equal Height in any Widget or Section/Container

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Getting Started is Easy

White Label Branding


You can Enable/Disable below functionality from
Essential Classy -> WP Performance Tab

Copy Container, Section, Column, Widget. You can copy our demo using EC Copy & Paste in a minutes.
Worda Themes


To install the Essential Classy Addons For Elementor, follow the steps below:

From your WordPress dashboard -> Go to Plugins -> Click on ‘Add new’ and In the Search field, enter Essential Classy Addons For Elementor.

Press install -> After installation, click Activate.

No, You cannot use without Elementor since it’s an addon for Elementor.
No, Elementor Builder and it’s addons provides you with all the widgets and features that you need to build a proffesional website without knowing code structure. Just drag and Drop.
Yes, It works with all the themes which follows the coding standards.
Yes, It works with most of the plugins. If you face any issue feel free to contact us we’ll help you. and provide all posible solution.
Yes, with the Elementor, WooCommerce Builder and Essential Classy Addons For Elementor you can customize every page of your store to create an amazing customer experience. Like Cart, Checkout, MyAccount and Order Track pages.